Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Decent Comics: "Yo-Yo Hang-up In the Sky!" by Fox, Kubert, and Anderson

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's truck waaaaay back to December 1968 and check out a suh-wheet Hawkman tale by the three fellas who are most associated with the Silver Age Winged Warrior: Gardner Fox, Joe Kubert, and Murphy Anderson. From The Atom/Hawkman #41 here's Hawkman in "Yo-Yo Hang-up In the Sky!"


  1. Thanks for posting this man.It was a wonderful treat, I love both Hawkman and the Atom. While I was sorry to see their individual titles go, they made a great team. Sorry this story didn't have the Atom. This title was one of my favorites of the silver age.Thesilver age get's tagged as having a lot of st;uid storiesand they did,and Hawkman had some hysterical moments. But for the most part Hawkman and Atom, like Flash and Gree lantern were a bit more serious and less absurd than most.

  2. Joe is right, but I'd put the Hawkman stories at the top of the heap for the Silver Age, on the whole. I loved the Atom/Hawkman book, and it is a crying shame that they, like Aquaman, didn't endure into the Bronze Age proper. They would have really benefited from more space to grow and develop.

  3. Joe Kubert's art could bring class, excitement and respectability no matter how campy or silly a story might seem. What a master. Thanks for the post Groove!

    1. The amazing thing is he never peaked as an artist. He was still producing top-notch work right up until his death at (almost) 86.

  4. I loved the team up of Joe Kubert and Murphy Anderson. It was in response to the argument over who was the better Hawkman artist. DC decided to answer by combining the two. If I'm not mistaken, at one point they reversed the order and had Anderson penciling and Kubert inking. They made for some interesting issues of Atom and the Hawkman.



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