Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Groovy Posts of Christmas Past: "The Stranger" by Kupperberg, Rogers, and Springer

Happy Holidays, Groove-ophiles! As Ol' Groove mentioned yesterday, for the rest of the week we're gonna be showcasing Posts of Christmas Past--in other words, re-runs or reprints of some of Ol' Groove's fave posts from Decembers other than this one. ;D Hope you enjoy 'em!

The first one of from December 14, 2009...

Welcome to the first day of this year's 12 Days of Christmas, Groove-ophiles! From now through December 25, Ol' Groove is gonna share a dozen comicbook memories. Splash pages, covers, comics, stories, toys, and even a surprise or two. I wanna kick things off with one of my favorite Fabulous World of Krypton fables. From the pages of Superman Family # 182 (December 1976),"The Stranger" by writer Paul Kupperberg and artists Marshall Rogers and Frank Springer is a story that warms the heart and captures the spirit of the Season. Grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy!


  1. One of my favourite stories. I read it on my cousin’s farm at Christmas time:).

  2. Poor Marshall Rogers. To have his beautiful pencils mutilated by Frank Springer's inks is surely a crime against humanity (just thought I'd go a little over the top there).



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