Monday, December 25, 2017

Groovy Christmases Past: 1980 PLUS! Groove's Christmas PRESENT(s)!

Merrrrrrrrry Christmaaaaas, Groove-ophiles! Happy Holidays, happy Monday, just happy day! It's Christmas Day, and Ol' Groove knows that most of ya wanna spend time with the family (and your new presents if you weren't too naughty this year), so I'm gonna try to keep this post kinda short. Christmas 1980. The end of the Groovy Age. Teen Groove found lots of good stuff that December, although I didn't have as much money to spend on comics as I had in the past. Wonder why? (Cough, cough--GIRLS--cough!) And, it's not a sad time, even though we were saying goodbye to our beloved Groovy Age. Why? Well, if you were like me, I didn't realize it was the end of the Groovy Age, for one thing. For another, the 1980s turned out to be pretty (dare I say it? I dare!) awesome!! Check out these classics, baby. And for the record, the last comic Teen Groove bought during the Groovy age? Spider-Woman #37!

 Another biggie on Ol' Groove's "greatest comics ever" list! Wow! Even The Shadow's creator Walter Gibson got into this one! (Oh, and this is another one I found on the way to Grandma's house! Man, I'm glad we visited her for Christmas!)

 Why didn't this mag last longer? Great sci-fi short shockers in every ish!

 The end of Roger Stern and John Byrne's magnificent run.

 Frank Miller in total control (and Bullseye's not)!

 Both Gene Colan and Howard Chaykin provide art for this ish!

Hey, War Machine fans--it's Rhodey's origin!

 Came out December 2...

 Came out December 30!

 John Byrne's last ish!

 Marv Wolfman and George Perez were making DC Marvel-ous (though Curt Swan drew this ish)!

Annnd, in case you're wondering (and even if you're not--sorry!), here's what Ol' Groove found under his tree this year...

Yep, I think I was good! When I was a kid I dreamed of my favorite comics being bound into book form. Dreams do come true! Oh, but it's not all tpbs...

Merry Christmas, Groove-ophiles! We're gonna go into "reprint" or "rerun", if you prefer, mode for the rest of the week. Hope you enjoy the upcoming Groovy Posts of Christmas Past! Happy ho, ho, ho to y'all!


  1. Hey Groove, Merry Christmas, nice to see the Clash Of The Champions, here is a small fact about me, I was a pro wrestler for almost 20 years on the Indy circuit. It's how I ended up with a bum back. Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Hey, Kevin, that's sooooo cool that you were a pro wrestler. I loved wrestling from the time I was a kid until the end of WCW. Of course, the only wrestling I ever did was with my cousins and my kids. Hat's off to ya! And Merry Christmas!

    2. We need to have lunch sometime and talking about comics and wrestling. Perfect combination lol

  2. Excellent score for the holidays sir! Congrats! I did quite well too. I want to thank you again for these trips down memory lane, the period of time was a golden one for me because it was the very earliest years of my marriage to my lovely Liz. I'm very much grateful to have those memories stoked at this time. Thank you.

    Rip Off

    1. Merry Christmas, Rip! You're the reason I knew some of these tpbs existed! Glad to have brought back some memories of good times for ya. Sharing the magic!

  3. My brother & I had most of the books released in this period at one time or another (i.e. Batman, X-Men, Titans). Good times. Merry Christmas.

  4. This is my favorite site. Love all these posts !
    So many great comics I remember getting especially X-Men 143, what a great issue ! Merry Christmas Groove to you and your family.

  5. It seems like every anniversary comic during this period turned into a jam issue where top talent joined in the celebration (Batman # 400, Superman # 400, Detective # 500). It made the comics very special, especially when there were creators who had never worked on the characters before.



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