Thursday, June 14, 2018

Funny Stuff: "Cadbury Meets Servo" by ? and Colon

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Young Groove often dipped into his kid sister's Richie Rich comics (goodness knows there was plenty of them). There was adventure and wish fulfillment galore, plus usually really good art. My favorite of RR's cast was Cadbury the Perfect Butler. He was pretty cool and very classy. A very good grown-up sidekick if there ever was one. A good example of why yers trooley always dug Cadbury so much can be found in Richie Rich Millions #58 (December 1972) when "Cadbury Meets Servo" with wonderful art by the multi-talented Ernie Colon. Enjoy!


  1. Growing up, my town store had two spinner racks with one dedicated just to Harvey and Archie. This story is awesome; no wonder Harvey had such a huge presence! Cadbury rocks!

  2. I must have read this back in the day. Ernie Colon was the Carl Barks of Richie Rich comics - the 'good artist'. If I recall correctly, he did lots of the longer adventure stories.

  3. Love these Harvey stories. Missed them the first time around in my whole hog pursuit of the Marvel Universe (a paper route could only afford so many comics, even at 12 and 15 cents).



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