Friday, June 29, 2018

Groovin' Back In the Summertime: June 1968

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We're gonna take one more loving look back at comics that came out in the month of June; this time we're going back 50 years to 1968! What was playing on the radio during those trips to the ever reliable King Kwik (where I'd always get a new comic)? Money Money, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, This Guys In Love With You, A Man Without Love, Mrs. Robinson, The Look of Love, and my neighborhood pals' fave Yummy Yummy Yummy! On TV, Rowan and Martin were sockin' it to us on Laugh-In, but I can also remember Family Affair, Dark Shadows, and Candid Camera lighting up the boob-tube a my house. Li'l Groove was too young for the movies, but if I could time-travel back to the Woodlawn, Twin, Oakley, Jolly Roger, or Forest Auto drive-ins during June 1968, I'd surely go see Bandolero!, Rosemary's Baby, and Speedway--and I'd hope Planet of the Apes was still running at one of 'em, too! Now, Li'l Groove was not yet five years old, but I can still remember actually getting the comics below off the sensational spinner racks at the aforementioned King Kwik. I didn't get a lot of comics (yet), but they were some good ones. I still have some of 'em, believe it or don't. The thing I remember most about this particular batch was Dear Ol' Dad's reaction to the cover of Hawk and Dove #1 (he thought it was really weird!) and that Flash #181 was my first experience with a continued story. I didn't know how to deal with that, yet, but I'd soon learn.
Dear Ol' Mom picked this one out. She loves Deadman!

If you're interested in all the comics available in June 1968 head over to Mike's Amazing World of Comics Newsstand!


  1. If you hadn't shown these covers like this, I might not have stopped to 'stand and stare'. That Ditko cover for Hawk & Dove is weird. Dove has a split look to him, uniformed and civvies too. But not just that, Ditko could have put a straight line down his centre to do this, but chose the harlequin effect!
    Thanks for sharing and making me think Lloyd

  2. That Richie Rich is classic. Thanks for posting it !

  3. 4 DC covers and only 1 Marvel? Come on. Marvel was a happening place in 1968.

    1. Well, like I said, I was only four. ;D By the time I was seven, ALL the kids were saying Make Mine Marvel, and I was right there with 'em (though I still got Batman and some others when they weren't watching). ;D

  4. Add to the list sogs like do yoiu knokwthe way tosa Jose, I(remember all of them) Dylan'w album John Wesley Harding,Jimmy Hendrix experience, Joan Baez' Saigon Bride and even though were were pretty innocent we knew the whole world was watching and we were part of there was dancing in the street in Chicao. Rev. King, Bobby. But we were still kids and we had some great comoics.

  5. LOVED Neal Adams' short run on Brave & the Bold! You could do a post on those, Groove.

    Chris A.

  6. They don't make covers like that any more! When comics were 12 to 15 cents there was a certain magic. Plus I think I have that issue of Hawk And Dove! Was a major Ditko fan! Thanks as always and...GROOVE ON!

  7. I bought that Flash off the newsstand 50 years ago--I thought that cover was so cool, and the Flash was my favorite hero. I am so old...

  8. Your Mom had great taste. Boston Brand is one of my faves as well ! Great post !

  9. Yeah had most of those comics besides duh the Archie one. Ahh good times, good times..



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