Friday, June 8, 2018

Making a Splash: Scarlet Witch Spotlight

Ever just feel like doing something for the sake of just doing it, Groove-ophiles? For some reason, it got on Ol' Groove's mind to see how many times my first favorite Marvel gal, The Scarlet Witch, was featured on an Avengers splash page. I don't mean as just part of a crowd, but front and center at the very least. The answer: not many times. Not surprising, but for some reason, Ol' Groove just hadda know. "As long as I was looking 'em up," thought I, "why not share my findings with my Groove-ophiles?" So here ya go!

Avengers #186 art by John Byrne and Dan Green

And just 'cause Ol' Groove loves ya, here's the splash from Marvel Team-Up #41 (October 1975)featuring wonderful Wanda...


  1. Nifty collection of vintage Scarlet With images! Bravo for having this thought.

    Rip Off

  2. Theere may have been little of those splash pages but Wanda looks great in all of them; and none more so than the one from THE AVENGERS #186: imperial, sexy, powerful, sinister... lovely. Byrne always knew how to draw great women. I miss those comics. Thanks for the memories.



  3. Dude, I was cool with Scarlet until I was turned on to some Bronze Age West Coast Avengers last year. This is the 4-parter where Vision is destroyed. Seeing her hubby Vision laid out in thousands of pieces I concluded only a nut job would marry a robot android.

  4. I always loved that image from Avengers #186

  5. It's interesting the the movie Marvel franchise felt they had to reinvent the basic look of the Scarlett Witch -- something they rarely do with male Marvel characters (updates yes, but complete revamps, not as much). I guess comic book Scarlett Witch is not PC for films.



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