Monday, October 15, 2018

Marvel-ous Monday: "...And Once Removed from Never!" by Mantlo, Buckler, and Janson

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! For the penultimate issue of Astonishing Tales (#35, February 1976), creator Rich Buckler, ably aided and abetted by scripter Bill Mantlo and inker Klaus Janson, created one of the wildest, and for Ol' Groove at least, most far-out comics of the Groovy Age! (By the way, do ya think this mish might've inspired The Matrix just a little?) With "...And Once Removed from Never!" our anti-hero Deathlok defeats his nemesis Ryker, gains his freedom--and his humanity! Or...does he?

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  1. And the Mantlo/Buckler/Janson trifecta comes to an end. So many times over the years I have pored over these pages awestruck at the artistry within. Page 10 with its clone stalking through the zip-a-toned panel is ultra awesome,encapsulating the greatness of AS # 33 - 35. Like an insect in amber these 3 issues are frozen in time as the best that the House of Ideas could achieve.



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