Thursday, October 25, 2018

Random Reads: "Where Walks the Werewolf!" by Wein and Crandall

HoOOOw's it shakin', Groove-ophiles! It's time for another werewolf tale as told by yet another terrifying team of truly titanic talents! From Creatures On the Loose #13 (June 1971) here's "Where Walks the Werewolf!" by Len Wein and Reed Crandall!


  1. When your friend who stole your girl wants to do eye surgery on you with lenses from a wolf carcass in his garage or storeroom, and you think it just might work out? Many kinds of blind! And wolves as well! Thanks Groove!

  2. I got wind of this story awhile back and bought the comic (thanks eBay). So good to see EC great Reed Crandall doing work into the 70s. The Len Wein story was his usual brilliance. All in all a taut little terror tale.

  3. I never knew Reed Crandall drew for any mainstream comic books in the '70s, knowing only his Warren magazine work of that decade.

    Gene Poole



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