Friday, October 12, 2018

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: 13 from Dell's Ghost Stories

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Dell Comics, family friendly, tasteful, and so self-regulated that they didn't even need the Comics Code Authority turned out a few suspenseful and supernatural mags during the Groovy Age. One of their best was the simply titled Ghost Stories (which had begun in 1962). Those painted covers Dell was know for were turned into macabre masterpieces by artists even the mighty Grand Comics Database can't name, but man, whomever did 'em knew how to give a kid the shivers! Later, standard pencil and ink covers had their turn on Ghost Stories, with spooky covers mainly by Frank Springer (but Jack Sparling turned in a good'un, too). Check out 13 of Ol' Groove's faves from Dell's Ghost Stories...


  1. That first cover in your list actually looks like a woodcut (or linoleum, perhaps). VERY cool effect!

    I also find it interesting how the earlier covers don't show the Ghost's skull/face, with it becoming more noticable as issues go on. The Aztec and the Statue covers are particularly chilling in how subtly rendered that face is!

    Craig R.

    PS: Having trouble posting... sorry if this post is redundant!

  2. Dell as a comic company was frustrating after they split from Western. Their beautiful covers were undermined by the inferior interior art. I used to have that golden armor ghost comic. Still feel a thrill whenever I see the cover.

  3. Interesting how the titular Ghost's face is hidden in the earliest issues but over time becomes more prominent and skull like.



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