Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Decent Comics: "Long Die N'hglthss!" by Michelinie, Giffen, and Layton

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Here's the final issue of Claw the Unconquered's first run. How a mag this cool could go under right when things were really getting mind-blowing is beyond Ol' Groove--but that's the 70s for ya! The good part is that Claw does get another chance--but more about that next month. Meantime, just enjoy the cosmic craziness from Claw #9 (June 1976) as David Michelinie, Keith Giffen, and Bob Layton bring you..."Long Die N'hglthss!"
Cover art by Keith Giffen and Ernie Chan


  1. And Claw the Unconquered finishes it's run on a high note. Giffen and Layton. Yum. Michelinie and Layton would combine to a much more lauded run of Iron Man later in the decade. Good to see they were getting their trial run here in the final issue of Claw.

  2. Thanks for this one, Groovester! A slice of Keith Giffen goodness I've never seen before. But what's up with that cover?! Is Claw doing his Linda Blair impression?!

    1. It's just an optical illusion. It only looks like he's twisting his head all the way around.



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