Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bring On the Back-ups: Hercules in "Welcome to the Hotel Macedonia"

While DC has a long tradition of running back-up features in their comic mags, over at Marvel during the Groovy Age, back-ups were quite rare. However, during Archie Goodwin's tenure as Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, he gave several newcomers (and a few pros who hadn't yet worked for Marvel) a shot at creating six page featurettes that would run where needed (before this, when Marvel needed filler they usually ran a short from one of the pre-Marvel Atlas mystery/monster mags). The following short wound up in the back of an all-reprint issue of the tabloid sized Marvel Treasury Edition (#24, 1979) that starred the Incredible Hulk. (I guess all the regular sized comics were running on schedule by this time.) Anyway, there it was and here it is, a fun little short starring Hercules, Marvel's Prince of Power in a story by Mary Jo Duffy and Ricardo Villamonte called "Welcome to the Hotel Macedonia!" (Somebody'd been listening to the Eagles when they named that one, eh, Groove-ophile?)

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