Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shades of Gray: Vigilante in "The Plague Makers!"

You know, Groove-ophiles, it suddenly hit me that I haven't bragged enough on the wonderful artistry of Gray Morrow. His realistic, detailed, moody style always turned me on (in a 70s comicbook fan way), and anytime I'd see his art--which was totally recognizable from anyone else's--I'd snatch whatever comic it was in right up (yeah, even the Lois Lane issues with the Rose and Thorn back-ups! Coming soon, by the way...). I've posted a few of his stories before --several, in fact, so I thought, why not make my tributes to the magnificent Mr. Morrow a semi-regular feature (can't have enough of those, y'know!)? So to kick things off, here's one of my faves, a gem hidden in the pages of a truly great comic, one worthy of it's own post, World's Finest Comics #245 (March 1977). I think you're gonna dig Bill Kunkel and Gray Morrow's Vigilante tour de force treatise on how to take down terrorists. Look out for "The Plague Makers!"



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