Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Sugar and Spike Meet "Zelda the Walking Riot!"

Sheldon Mayer's Sugar and Spike ran was published by DC Comics for about 15 years and ran 98 issues. The stories were inspired by Mayer's own children, as well as by letters and stories that were sent to him by fans. Here's an example of why this series is so loved and well remembered. From Sugar and Spike #91 (May 1970), here's "Zelda the Walking Riot!"


  1. Some of the BEST comic books ever! When I was reading these growing up I had no freakin' clue just how important Sheldon Mayer was in the overall history of comics! Without him, there may well have been no SUPERMAN ever published! He was instrumental in the creation of all of the All-American heroes and the JSA! Wow!

  2. lol nice and funny comic i like it



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