Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bring On the Back-ups: Origins and Powers of the Legionnaires

Some of the best back-ups of the Groovy Age weren't stories at all, but illustrated articles about our favorite heroes and villains--like this one from DC's All-New Limited Collector's Edition #55 (early 1978) featuring the "Origins and Powers of the Legionnaires!" by Paul Levitz, James Sherman, and Jack Abel. "Origins and Powers..." is also a pretty far-out way to get a look at the Groovy Age version of the Legion of Super-Heroes (but what's with that jive Element Lad costume? Who in the name of Mr. Blackwell designed that refugee from a Jack Kirby nightmare? Thankfully, it was never used anywhere else...was it?)


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for posting this. This was one of the first Treasury Editions I ever bought and I pored over this feature over and over until the thing got worn out. I had to buy another one almost thirty years later.

  2. One of the rarest Element Lad costumes!....Thanks god!!



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