Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now That's Heavy, Man: "The Phantom's New Faith"

Of all the superheroes in comicdom to suffer from an inferiority complex, the last one you'd expect is the Phantom. The Ghost-Who-Walks is one of the oldest, most established superheroes in the medium, y'know? He was leaving skull-ring prints on baddies' noggins back when Aunt May was a flapper! But in The Phantom #38 (March 1970), as our hero studies the Book of Phantoms Past, he begins to feel mighty small. How does he handle it? Why, with a bit of pop-psychology, natch! You have to read it to believe it, so look out! Here comes "The Phantom's New Faith"! (Hey, at least it sports some nifty Jim Aparo art!)

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