Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas: "The Stranger" by Kupperberg, Rogers, and Springer

Welcome to the first day of this year's 12 Days of Christmas, Groove-ophiles! From now through December 25, Ol' Groove is gonna share a dozen comicbook memories. Splash pages, covers, comics, stories, toys, and even a surprise or two. I wanna kick things off with one of my favorite Fabulous World of Krypton fables. From the pages of Superman Family # 182 (December 1976), "The Stranger" by writer Paul Kupperberg and artists Marshall Rogers and Frank Springer is a story that warms the heart and captures the spirit of the Season. Grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy!


  1. I love the art of the 70's. Thanks for this.

  2. Hey Groovy One!
    I never saw this story before. Nor did I know Marshal Rogers ever drew a Superman story. Even if it's not a actual Superman action feature. Thanks for sharing it with us. Marshal Rogers along with too many others. Left us in these recent years way too young & soon.

  3. Here's some trivia no one needs to know: This was the very first story I ever sold to DC Comics, to editor Denny O'Neil in the summer of 1975.

    Thanks for the nice words!

  4. Hey Paul
    Thanks for sharing that with us & all the great stories. What are you up to these days? Are you still in the industry? I've been out of comics since about 1987. But I've been buying off & on since 92-present.Mike

  5. Hi Mr Groovy.
    Just some words.
    Thank you so so muche for all this treasures
    You make my day every day.

  6. Paul: Thanks for adding that nifty bit of trivia--not to mention taking the time to both stop by and comment! I'm honored, and that's the humble truth. This blog is a tribute to all of you who provided us with such great comicbook memories, and to know you're out there reading is my reward!

    And Franck B--you are so, so welcome, Groove-ophile! You made my day, too!



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