Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy 87th Birthday, Stan!

Here's wishing Smilin' Stan the swingingest birthday of all! Just for the occasion, Ol' Groove has written a special birthday ditty. Sing it to the tune of the jazzy 1967 Spidey cartoon theme and join me, won'tcha?

Stan The Man! Stan The Man!
Hero to every Marvel Fan!
Spins those words
With such glee!
Bringing joy
to fans like me!
Thanks Stan! You really are The Man!

When I feel the gloom
Your mags make my day!
Even Dr. Doom
Would have to stop and say...

Stan The Man! Stan The Man!
Slinging words like no one can!
Characters you can't ignore!
Spidey and so many more!

You gave
Heroes all those hang-ups!
Your mags are always bang-up!
Forever you're The Man!

For the proverbial icing on the cake, paste your peepers on this cataclysmic Ka-Zar masterpiece by Smiley and Big John Buscema from Astonishing Tales #9 (September 1971)!


  1. Happy Birthday Stan!
    Blue Blazes! Your 87!! I knew you had to be a Eternal! Thanks for all those great characters & tales. For decades of mind blowing yarns!

    You made my childhood! I grew up a abused kid & in a bad neighborhood. I lost my parents at age 6. So I really related to Batman & Spidey. They were my only escape from a harsh reality. Beside's the movies I occasionally got to see.

    I used to really be a business man as a kid. Painting, collecting those old heavy car batteries, old coke bottles. To make $$ to buy all that awesome Marvel merchandise. Those great comics & beautiful B & W mags. The years from 66- 82 were my GOLDEN AGE. Still hope to meet you one day Stan. I'm good friends with "Joltin" Joe Sinnott. We talk by phone almost every day. Never thought I'd be friends with the old Marvel bullpen. With Joe, Marie Severin, & Herb Trimpe. We'll I can't wait to see your next movie cameo! Excelsior! Mike

  2. GA: What would the world of comics be without Stan Lee? It's impossible to imagine. For us comic geeks, he will forever be "The Man." Great tribute -- Mykal

  3. Thanks for posting this, Groove! I had no idea it was Stan's birthday today.

    At the risk of sounding a complete wuss, I can't possibly say how much Stan's work has meant to me throughout my life. Although often sentimental, corny and controversial, Stan's torrent of scripts and Soapboxes has made an indelible impression on me, probably more than any other writer in comics.

    Happy Birthday Stanley Martin Lieber! You're still The Man!

  4. Buon Compleanno mitico Stan!!! Grazie per aver riempito la mia vita di storie meravigliose, che mi hanno fatto e mi faranno sempre sognare! Grazie! Tu e Jack: i veri Supereroi!!!
    Orlando - Turin (Italy)



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