Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas: "Musk's Daughter" by Walt Simonson

Imagine if you will, a cold, damp December day in 1973. You go to your favorite grocery or drugstore, combing through the spinner-rack for a comic you haven't yet bought. You already have all the Marvels, DCs, and Charltons. Your younger sibling has scarfed up all the Archie and Harvey comics. In desperation, you pull a Gold Key mag from the rack. You flip through it and your heart begins to race. Your brain can barely comprehend what you have just seen. Hidden in its dependable and workmanlike pages is a fantasy tale with ever-so-hip art by none other than Walt Simonson. You flip back to the front cover. The logo is your signpost. You have just entered...The Twilight Zone #55!

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