Saturday, December 19, 2009

12 Days of Christmas: A Marvel-ous Chuck Norris Christmas

Way, way back before he became a punch-line-ism, Chuck Norris was a world-wide karate phenom. Since Marvel Comics had a black and white mag called Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, which featured both martial arts comics and articles, it was a no-brainer that the future star of Walker, Texas Ranger would be featured in an article or three. But who'da thunk he'd rate both a cover and frontispiece? Well, he did! From Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (December 1975--betcha were wondering what the Christmas connection was gonna be here, huh?) here's the far-out cover and frontispiece--both featuring a flying kick by Chuck about to be delivered upon Bruce Lee (or is that Shang Chi?), both by Marvel mag mainstay Ken Barr! Plus the articles from that incredible issue--including Artful Archie Goodwin's editorial.

Now, go out and practice your roundhouse kicks on a snowman!


  1. That was cool, Groovy One. Why can't stuff be fun like that today?

  2. Cause "Comics aren't for kids anymore!" and a whole buncha other dumb reasons, John! Thank goodness for the 70s (and 60s and 50s and 40s and 30s...), huh?



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