Friday, March 26, 2010

Groove's Faves: "Tarzan Rescues the Moon!"

Here's a quick fave from Ol' Groove's luxuriant library! From Marvel Comics' Tarzan #7 (September 1977), Roy Thomas and John Buscema (ably inked by Rudy Messina) give us the untold story of how "Tarzan Rescues the Moon!"


  1. Thank you for this enjoyable tale! I'm thinking I surely bought at least one of this Tarzan run--I bought any first issue I saw--one day I'll look in those boxes and find out!

  2. Awesome. Tarzan is really one of those characters who modern times has lost to complications and changes in the world (i.e. the mythical Africa has disappeared).
    I discovered your site looking up the 70s site shall reveal why...ever been trying to write something and just wished you could READ it somewhere, though you know it only exists in YOU? Well, that's where I am...trying to finish a story, feeling like I can't move one till I do...



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