Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Team-Up: Kid Colt and Night Rider

What's happening, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove's tryin' out another new semi-regular feature on ya--Tuesday Team-Up! From time to time I'm gonna hit ya with an oddball or rarely-seen team-up from the Groovy Age. First up is Kid Colt and Night Rider (really Ghost Rider, but the powers-that-were decided to change the name--temporarily--to keep fans from confusing the Old West Carter Slade version with the motorcycle ridin' Groovy Age version) from Giant-Size Kid Colt #3 (April 1975). Writer Gary Friedrich and artists Dick Ayers and Vince Colletta were no strangers to Marvel cowboys--heck, Dick Ayers helped create the original Ghost Rider (and several later versions, as well), so this titanic team-up was definitely in good hands. Get ready to slap leather as you face a..."Death Duel with Dack Derringer!"


  1. Congratulations for this blog. Fantastic, really awesome.

  2. A "teamup a week" sounds like a prescription for good trashcomics health!

    This was an odd one in that Ghost/Night Rider had pretty much been left in mothballs in those days. Maybe Gary Friedrich, who scripted the original Marvel series, was trying to drum up fannish enthusiasm for a new series?

  3. My theory is that this was originally intended for the third issue of Western Team-Up, which had been cancelled a couple of years earlier after a single issue. G-S Kid Colt #1 had what I suspect was originally the 2nd issue of WTU, teaming Colt with Rawhide.



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