Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Steve Mitchell and John Severin's "Town Tamer"

Just like Ol' Groove promised ya last Wednesday, Groove-ophiles--here's Steve (I'm not just an inker!) Mitchell and John (I can draw anything and anybody) Severin's classic "Town Tamer" from Atlas/Seaboard's Thrilling Adventure Stories #2. Enjoy!


  1. For some reason I can't help but see a resemblance between John Lennon and the soldier on the first page of the story.They both wear round horn rimmed or wire framed glasses and the same WW2 style army helmet.Lennon was in his only solo movie;"How I won the War",playing a character named Pvt.Gripweed.He was actually rather good in the movie and had some humorous and serious moments in the film.Ironically,he gets shot in the end of the movie and does a sad monologue before he dies,foreshadowing his own real tragic end.Anyway,I liked this story and enjoy a good war tale every now and then.I had a friend and neighbor when I was growing up,who told me first hand stories about fighting in WW2 and Korea.Like they say,"Old soldiers never die,they just fade away".I'm not a pro war kind of guy but I do respect and admire the jobs that our brave men and women go through,I should be so brave.Thank you kindly and God bless,Budd

  2. Great. I love those 70s war comics and Severin is a king.

  3. I really enjoyed a WWII story and esp. with a Colt revolver, but man! Kinda depressing ending; I always want the good guy to win! (and live!) :)



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