Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making a Splash: Cool Contents

No, they're not really splash pages, but during DC's experiment with making several of their titles 100 page mags, they would often give the first page over to a table of contents. Most of the time the art on the contents page was some cut and paste job featuring older, reworked art from random sources. Sometimes, though, a wise editor would commission a brand new piece of art from a fave artist like Walt Simonson, Sal Amendola, or Howard Chaykin (not 100% sure on that one, though...). Once in a while a hot up-and-coming artist like Pat Broderick (often inked by yet another newcomer, Terry Austin) got a shot at creating contents page art. Here are some of Ol' Groove's faves from Brave and the Bold, Detective Comics, and World's Finest!

Throughout the remainder of the Groovy Age, DC would commission some cool contents page art for their sixty-cent and Dollar Comic mags. We'll look at some of those masterpieces in a future post. Sound good to ya, Groove-ophiles?

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  1. These WERE cool. I remember them well...and sometimes they were the best drawn (certainly best laid out) pages in the books.



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