Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Reads: Iron Jaw Faces "The Wolf-Cowled Head-Hunters of Amun Rak"...Sort Of...

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! It's been a while since we trekked into the macabre machismo world of Atlas/Seaboard's Iron Jaw, hasn't it? Well, Ol' Groove will rectify that sitch right now--with this savage saga by Michael Fleisher and Pablo Marcos..."The Wolf-Cowled Head-Hunters of Amun Rak" from Iron Jaw #3 (February 1975). This tale of swords and sorcery has it all--violent vagabonds, bodacious beauties, swords, bows and arrows, murder, mayhem, battle-axes, unicorns, and yes, head-hunters. The only thing it doesn't have are "wolf-cowled" head-hunters. The head-hunters, in spite of the title, are wearing serpent-cowls. Wha hoppen to allow such a gaff to get on to the printed page? The world may never know!


  1. JJJaaa Groovy One!
    Here I thought this was going to be on "Iron Jay" Leno! GGGGaaa I used to really get pumped up by Atlas/Seaboards comics. I loved Iron Jaw, but wondered how this poor guy ate! Or got the chicks! AAAyyyy!

    Loved many of Atlas comics, especially the Grim Ghost. As well as Tiger Man & the Man-Monster one shot by Rich Buckler. Keep those forgotten treasures coming!

  2. I forgot Iron Jaw rode a white unicorn. Plus Pablo Marco's beautiful pencils, he drew a great Zombie & Morbius the living vampire as well. It's a shame Atlas/Seaboard was atleast around for like 5 years.

  3. Probably the best ATLAS had to offer....and I loved all their stuff.



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