Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "...The Birth of Death" and "The Origin of God!" by Jim Starlin

In 1974, Jim Starlin was at the peak of his creative powers and a sky-rocketing comicbook superstar. When fellow comicbook creator Mike Friedrich founded his "ground-level" (not quite mainstream, not quite underground) comicbook company Star*Reach--and it's flagship title, also called Star*Reach--Starlin was there contributing high-quality graphics and provocative stories the likes of which he couldn't possibly do in Captain Marvel or Warlock. 16 of the 52 pages of Star*Reach #1 (Spring 1974) were filled with Jim Starlin's opinions/flights of fancy concerning drugs, death, and religion. Here's a sampling of Starlin unleashed: "...The Birth of Death!" and "The Origin of God!"

Heavy, man. Hea-VY!


  1. Far Out Groovy One! I wonder if Jim will drop by? I remember this from way back when I was a mere 12 or 13 years old! Yikes! In 3 months I'll be 50! OMG!!

  2. Black and White Wednesdays Forever! Just when I thought I had seen it all, you bring on the more amazing.

  3. Faaaaaaantastic! Never seen that before...I have a couple of later Star*reach comics which were great but this strip is incredible. Starlin Rocks!!!

  4. love the good old days,, keep it up! I enjoyed going down comics memory lane!

  5. Glad you dug it, fellas! I love me some Jim Starlin--glad you do, too!

  6. I'm working a Star Reach for first on Galaxy Being put up on Amazon.Here is a rough preveiw.



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