Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making a Splash: Dick Dillin's Annual JLA/JSA Team-ups, Part One

When you think about it, DC has had an annual "crisis" since the Silver Age. Thing is, back in the Silver and Groovy Ages, those crises only occurred in the summer issues of Justice League of America. Throughout the Groovy Age itself, the true hero of each of these crises was penciler Dick Dillin, who year after year handled the task of drawing a dozen or more super-heroes in action for up to three issues (not even taking into account the other issues that filled each year with JLA-ers--plenty of those all the time!). Writers, inkers, and even editors came and went, but we could always count on dauntless Dick Dillin to be there, juggling all of those characters, keeping things cosmic--all the while keeping the story flowing and easy to follow. Ol' Groove doesn't think the man ever got enough kudos for accomplishing all of that. It wasn't summer without a good JLA/JSA team-up, so let's get this summer started!

Stay tuned for Part Two next week! Meantime, what are some of your faves from this batch?


  1. Thanks Groove for reminding me of my duty to sit down this next month and full enjoy some of these awesome vintage stories.

    I miss looking forward to this summer event, for a then rare glimpse of Earth-2.

    A dose of Dillin is just what the doctor ordered.

    Rip Off

  2. I can't pick just one. They're all great. Dillin is one of my favorite artists and he is woefully underrated.

  3. Great Dick Dillin, specially inked by Giordano.

    A great artist too much underrated.

    The best JLA's era was illustrated by Dillin.


  4. Dick Dillin was an excellent and underappreciated artist. Looking at the images you posted takes me back to my youth and the impact the comics made on my life. By today's standards these old stories are neither "realistic", "grim or gritty" enough or fodder for endless "events". But they were good stories, filled with heroes that both ennobled and inspired and were written/drawn with clarity. Whatever happened to fun in comics? Did it get post crisis infinite civil warred death onslaughted into oblivion?

  5. Man, do I miss Sid Greene's inks. That guy was one of the all-time best!



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