Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer of '76! Grooviest Covers of All Time: Black and White and Hot All Over

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We're still groovin' to the Summer of '76, but today we're adding a twist. Most of ya came here expecting your usual Black and White Wednesday feature (perhaps the top feature in Groove City), so we're gonna dig on the covers to the b&w mags found on the magazine shelves during our Bicentennial summer. You'll notice that Marvel's line has slimmed way down, exorcising all of their supernatural mags (but they're shoveling the left-over stories into various issues of Marvel Preview). Warren's output is cruising along with Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella, but The Spirit will disappear from the shelves in the fall, landing in comix and head shops under the Kitchen Sink umbrella. And Charlton, bless 'em, hired the likes of Neal Adams and Gray Morrow to spearhead their b&w line of TV adaptations: Space: 1999, Six Million Dollar Man, and Emergency! Lots of cool stuff to be found for the discriminating Groove-ophile!

Be back tomorrow as we check out the offerings from Charlton, Gold Key, and more!


  1. Good Lord, how I loved Doc Savage and Planet of the Apes. I was a certified Savage-maniac (still am!), and thought the PofA craze would out-last Star Trek. Ah. But time has not dimmed my love for both.

    This really was the golden age of black and white comics magazines.

  2. Beautiful covers, I remember them well. I especially loved those Boris covers & Neal Adam's Charlton Ememergency & the $6 MDM ones! I remember buying those by Adams. While being out in CA that summer also.

    Man we really had tons of gems that summer!It's a shame comics since the mid/late 80's have gone down the toliet. Keep on Groov'in Groovy One!

  3. yep. way cool. I wish they'd start doing black & white mags again. that'd be just the kind of shot in the arm I need to start buying comics, again.

  4. For some reason, back issues of Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu are the holy grail for me. I think 'cos none of that stuff was ever reprinted anywhere else.Picked some up at this years Bristol con and was definately purchase of the wekend!
    And that great Creepy cover with the two demons figting in mid-air? I guarantee the story inside was nowhere near as good!



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