Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "Doorway to Dark Destiny" by Claremont, Broderick, and the Crusty Bunkers

Greetings, my Groovy Ghoulies! Here's something with a twist for ya--a prose-piece featuring Satana, the Devil's Daughter. "Doorway to Dark Destiny", from Haunt of Horror #4 (September 1974), was written by a young Chris Claremont with spot illos by Pat Broderick (inked by members of the elusive Crusty Bunkers). Prose pieces like this were a staple of Marvel's b&w monster mags about mid-way through their runs, and were usually pretty good! Ol' Groove thinks you'll dig this one!


  1. Groovy!
    As you know by now B & W wednesdays are my favorite! Especially those Marvel Monster/Horror/SF mags. Love to see the Man-Thing & Morbius ones this. It's too bad the monster mags & the rest of Marvel's B & W mags didn't run atleast 5 years.

    Sigh! Can we see the Invisible Man story by Val Mayerik too? Some Man-Wolf & anything else you haven't covered already.

  2. Satan invented Uggs? I knew it all along.



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