Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Reads: "The Puzzle from Outer Space"

Growing up during the Groovy Age, there were always Harvey Comics in the house:  Richie Rich, Casper, Hot Stuff, Little Dot, Little Lotta, Sad Sack and of course Spooky. My sister and cousins got them regularly, I'd pick one up occasionally, and you'd get 'em by the tons at yard and garage sales. They were always fun diversions, like this Casper back-up from Spooky #127 (July 1971), "The Puzzle from Outer Space"!

For such a nice guy, that Casper could sure be a sneak!


  1. Warren Kremer is the best! I always loved his artwork growing up.

  2. That was funny. My first comic book was probably a Harvey!

  3. I have to steal this one for the Cave of Cool.



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