Thursday, October 20, 2011

Byrne-ing to Read: "The Measure of a Man!" by Claremont, Byrne, and Wiacek

What it is, Groovephiles! Just 'cause we're celebrating the Halloween season doesn't mean we can't toss in some superheroes now and then, does it? Ol' Groove always dug when superheroes crossed paths with the supernatural, especially when the path-crossing was helmed by top talents like writer Chris Claremont, artist (and star of this here department!) John Byrne, and inker Bob Wiacek! "The Measure of a Man!" from Marvel Team-Up #68 (January 1978) has always been a fave. I love stories that got Spider-Man out of his element--and mystical Florida swamps are pretty far out, to say the least! It was also lots of fun to see how creators managed to team Spidey with unlikely partners like Man-Thing, so t'was but a reflex action to nab MTU #68 off the spinner-rack when Teen Groove glommed its color-filled cover!


  1. We've always enjoyed the Byrne/Claremont take on Spidey team-ups. We got hooked by the two-part Iron Fist team-up.

    Favorite part of this story is where Spidey feels compassion for "Manny" and liberates him. Great pick.

  2. What he said! What a awesome run on MTU! I'm with you groovster! I loved all Marvel's supernatural heroes! as well as seeing my all time favorite as a kid Spidey! Crossing paths with morbius, Man-Wolf, the Lizard, Werewolf by night,etc.

    As well as the Hulk with Man-Thing & the Glob!



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