Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Reads: "Terror Tomb" by Richard Corben

It's October, Groove-ophiles! We're headed toward Halloween, so let's kick this month off with a terror tale that will make you want your mummy! From Comix International #1 (cover-dated July 1974, reprinted from Creepy #61) here's Richard Corben's "Terror Tomb"!

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  1. Hey Groovy One!

    I think Halloween is probably my favorite holiday! I hope that bonehead Dummy didn't give poor Snoofer a stomache ache! I guess Snoofer had a real bone to pick with that mummy. Snoofer probably said Where's the beef?

    Loved this art, wow! I remember it fondly from my kid/teen years. Can't wait to see what other creepy tales you have lined up. Love to see alot more of Marvel's B & W monster mag stories featured. You Groovy Ghoulie you!



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