Friday, December 2, 2011

Bring on the Back-ups Week! Seven Soldiers of Victory by Samachson, Chua, Garcia Lopez, and Dillin

We're back with the final three chapters of the Golden Age written (by Joe Samachson) and Groovy Age drawn Seven Soldiers of Victory back-up strip from Adventure Comics #'s 438-443! Chapter 5 features the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy and sports art by Ernie Chua (Chan) paying homage to SSK co-creator Hal Sherman; chapter 6 stars Vigilante with superior art by J.L. Garcia-Lopez and Mike Royer; and chapter 7, the wrap-up, features the whole Law's Legionnaires gang and is drawn by JLA artist supreme Dick Dillin with inks by Tex Blaisdell. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Groovster!
    Love the new banner! Especially the Luke Cage, Omega the Unknown & Mr.Miracle figures.

  2. Amazing -- these are the stories I hated as a kid, and think are super-cool now that I'm an adult. (Of sorts...)

    Love the banner.

  3. I remember wondering if Ernie Chan's very primitive art job on this was intentional or not. Obviously he could work in a much more contemporary style, but none of the other stories in this series of backups was intentionally retro. I assumed back then that Orlando had sent him some samples of the Golden Age SSK stories and Chan delivered pages consistent with those, and I imagined Orlando being shocked but having to go with it due to deadlines or something like that. Today, I wonder if maybe the SSK story was the only segment of the job that was actually drawn, and Chan was redrawing the original?

  4. Good question, MW! I had always just assumed it was an homage (like Chaykin doing Frazetta in the Shining Knight chapter), but...




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