Friday, December 9, 2011

Making a Splash: John Byrne's Iron Fist Part One

Here we go, Groove-ophiles! These are the first set of splash pages from the legendary Chris Claremont/John Byrne Iron Fist run (Marvel Premiere #25, July 1975; Iron Fist #'s 1-9, August 1975-September 1976). All you have to do is look at the energy, vitality, dynamicism, and storytelling that went into creating these Marvel-ous splash pages and you'll know why Mr. Byrne's star rose so quickly to super-stardom...

Personally, I thought his work in ish #1 was outtasite, but by ish #5 Byrne had taken a veritable quantum leap! Issue #8 propelled him to the top of my fave artists list, and then--as you'll see next week--doggoned if Byrne didn't get even better! Have fun picking your faves, Groove-ophiles! And while you're at it, see how many times you can spot either Claremont or Byrne in a scene.


  1. I forgot how great these simple. But beautiful splashes were. I especially loved the multi-figures action sequence. I think John Romita SR first did this inAmazing Spider-Man to show movement. so cool!

    I was disappointed we never got to see a Iron Fist vs Midnight & the white Tiger. As well as IF become a Avenger! Sigh! Thanks for the awesome splashs! You made my friday!

  2. I checked out John Byrne's message board (thanks to the Byrne Victim who posted the link to DotGk there!) and was pleased to see that he, too, feels that the splash of IF #5 symbolizes the moment he "arrived" as a pro!

  3. Groove,

    Thanks for posting these! John Byrne was, and is a tremendous talent. I really don't understand the hate sent his way. He isn't attracted to Latino women with bleached hair. BIG DEAL! He states his opinion in his sandbox. Anyway, I have an early issue of Doomsday +1; his art was great from the begining. His contribution to The Groove Era and beyond can't be denied.




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