Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lo! There Shall Come Endings Week: Plop! #24 Edited by Tony Isabella

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! LO! THERE SHALL COME ENDINGS WEEK rolls on...

Another of Young Groove's faves was DC's "magazine of weird humor" Plop! That mish-mash of horrible humor never failed to entertain me (or my family--my mom, sister, and cousins also dug Plop!). Even the final ish (#24, August 1976--hey, just like Skull!) left me wanting more. And why wouldn't it with talent like Aragones, Wood, Wolverton, Manak, Estrada, Skeates, and Bates on tap? I didn't realize at the time that this final issue was edited by Tony Isabella (fresh from Marvel where he'd done cool stuff like edit FOOM, Marvel's b&w mags, and create Black Goliath, Tigra,and the Champions) taking over from the recently-promoted-to-managing-editor Joe Orlando. Where would Tony have taken Plop! from here? Plop! #24 is our only hint...


  1. PLOP was a great book. Nothing like that is produced anymore but there is a place for this kind of goofy humor.

  2. Wow, this takes me back. I'm sure a lot of the material in this issue was from already-purchased inventory, but I think some of the buys were mine. I'd have to read the issue to figure it all out. Very cool entry.

  3. Glad you dug the post, Tony! If you have any behind-the-scenes info to add, we'd love to hear it!

  4. Yes, it looks like they were throwing in everything that they had sitting around.

    I always liked Plop and bought it whenever I saw it, but could never warm to Dave Manak's work.



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