Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: "The Power Broker Resolution!" by Wein and Chaykin

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Legend has it that Howard Chaykin's pulp-hero throwback, Dominic Fortune, was really a continuation of Chaykin's earlier pulp-hero throwback The Scorpion, with Chaykin making the necessary changes to move the character from Atlas to Marvel. In his intro to the Dominic Fortune reprints in Marvel Preview #20 (Winter 1980), Chaykin strongly alluded to the truth behind that legend, and shared  details of what scripter Len Wein added to the mix. Dig it!

Now ya know Ol' Groove's not stopping with Humble Howie's intro! Heck no! We've gotta plant our peepers on Dominic Fortune's dazzling debut from Marvel Preview #2 from 1975. Here's Len Wein and Howard Chaykin with..."The Power Broker Resolution!"

Oh, just so ya know, not only did the other two Fortune stories Chaykin mentioned in the intro finally see print ["The Messiah in the Saddle Resolution" in Marvel Super-Action #1, Fall 1975 and "The Big Top Barter Resolution" in Marvel Premiere (#56 July 1980)], but Chaykin also produced a full-color, painted series of Dominic Fortune strips for the back of The Hulk! magazine (#'s 22-25, June-December 1980) which was scripted by Denny O'Neil. More Fortune/Chaykin goodness in your future 'cause you-know-who loves ya, baby!


  1. One of my favorite things about the Groovy Age was the love and reverence for pulp stories. Being a pulp-obsessed kid, I was delighted with all of the pulp-inspired characters that cropped up in the 70s!

    1. I read somewhere that Chaykin was influenced by Italian comics artist Ferdinando Tacconi. I've been recently comparing the art produced by both of them and I can see why that's being said. Chaykin's art definitely owes a lot to Tacconi.



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