Thursday, February 16, 2012

Groove's Faves: "The Green that Got Away!" by Wein and Cockrum

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Who'd have thunk it? The creative team behind the Giant-Size X-Men #1 working on a Green Lantern back-up strip? That was what was going down when writer Len Wein teamed with artist Dave Cockrum (and inker Bob Smith) on "The Green that Got Away!" Evidently, there was a slim chance that Adventure Comics wouldn't be regressing from Dollar Size to standard size with ish 467 (October 1979)--and had that venerable mag continued in it's Dollar Size format, would Len and Dave have remained the creative team for GL's strip? We'll never know, 'cause Adventure did go to standard format with #467 (the first Plastic Man/Starman ish--gonna have to post on that one'a these days...), so this Wein/Cockrum gem sat in a drawer until it was finally unleashed in Green Lantern #128 (February 1980). GL #128 sported a framing sequence by series regulars Denny O'Neil and Joe Staton (no slouches themselves), but Ol' Groove is just laying the Wein/Cockrum stuff on ya so we can have a taste of what might have been...


  1. Good times.
    Cockrum was really getting in touch with his inner Gil Kane on page 12.

  2. Dave almost left DC, I met Dave in Sept of 2003 in Chicago. We had been e-mailing bfore this also. We almost never had the New X-Men. Atleast in the way we know them today. Dave was actually asked if he'd like to draw Shazam/Capt.Marvel. Which he did want to, along with the Black Hawks his favorite. But because the editor in chief at DC kept & or gave away. The two pg splash from the wedding issue of the Legion of Superheroes #200? Of Bouncing Boy & the other character who I forget was. He was very angry about & left DC for Marvel.

    As many know most of his New X-Men were to be used in the Legion as heroes & villains?

  3. What superb art! Gud ole Dave Cockrum, i'll have to go and search out this issue now - definitely one for the collection! Thanks for posting Groove as it just reminds me of how much good stuff I did miss during the Bronze Age!!!

  4. Back then, I was buying Flash just for the Green Lantern back-up. It was too bad that DC couldn't get a handle on such an interesting bound or cosmic soaring? I purchased any title with H.Jordan: Brave & Bold,JLA,DC Special..was so happy to finally see GL/GA #90 hit the comic rack.

  5. I still remember getting this in the mail way back when and being excited when I saw Cockrum's name on it. Hadn't thought about this in years. Thanks!




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