Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Odds N Ends: World's Finest Table of Contents Part 1

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Yet another new feature makes it's dazzling debut this dynamite day: Odds N Ends. Odds N Ends will feature those off the wall, hard to categorize things yers trooly thinks about when he should be doing other things. Like right now I need to be working on remodeling my merely magnificent man-cave, but here I yam yapping about the contents pages that graced the first era of World's Finest Comics' Dollar Comics Era (the 80 pages for a buck era, in other woids). Talk about your artistic extremes! When we flipped open the covers of World's Finest numbers 244-252 (January 1977-May 1978)! we saw Neal Adams (or at least his studio), Kurt Schaffenberger, George Tuska and Vinnie Colletta, and Steve Ditko all strutting their stuff, doing their doggonedest to make a table of contents page interesting. Did they succeed...?
Swan and Anderson on Superman/Batman, Netzer (Nasser)/Austin on Green Arrow/Black Canary, Gray Morrow on Vigilante, and Sherman and Wiacek on Wonder Woman


  1. I've said it before, but I loved the dollar comic phase of World's Finest. And these content pages at the beginning were exciting to me as a kid: it really let you know that your dollar was well spent.

  2. I agree with Edo! I used to have a LOT of these comics and still have a few. If comics had only gone this way long enough for me to have earned my OWN money so I could have more easily purchased my favorites in this size (World's Finest, Superman Family, Adventure). Ah, well... :)

  3. I bought those just to get Ditko's Creeper stories. The remainder seeme pretty weak.

  4. Nice to come across this blog on the day I discover Batman might really be from...New Jersey!



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