Monday, December 16, 2013

Groove's Faves: "Snow Beast" by Marron and Buckler

Season's Greetings, Groove-ophiles! 'Tis the season for walkin' in a winter wonderland--but whaddya do when that wonderland includes the Su-Ka-Tae (Abominable Snowman)? From House of Mystery #199 (December 1971), prepare to meet the..."Snow Beast"! Story by Lynn Marron, awesome art by Rich Buckler!
Cover art by Neal Adams


  1. This one was great. Thanks for posting it

  2. I truly love the format of the books of DC from this time. There 20 and 25 cent issues with those so memorable horror covers from House of Mystery to the House of Secrets. It didn't matter who did the cover from Adams, Wrightson they were all well conceived.

    On a side note I had the pleasure to meat Neal Adams some months ago here in San Antonio, Texas at a comic store and took a few of my books that had some Neal Adams covers and was fortunate to get his autograph. Mr. Adams was just a pleasure to meet and took the time to talk and give some information to everyone who met him. I was able to get his autograph on a Charlton Six Million Dollar Man #2. Mr Adams told me in passing that Charlton, in the 70's actually paid more for there art than Marvel or DC.

    Shane G.



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