Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Team-up: "Thunder Over the Seas!" by Everett, Gerber, Kweskin, and Tartaglione

Okay, so today's classic, "Thunder Over the Seas!" from Sub-Mariner #59 (December 1972) isn't really a team-up. It's more like a smack-down between Prince Namor and the Mighty Thor--but is that a bad thing? The story (plotted by Subby creator Bill Everett and scripted by a newbie Steve Gerber) revolves around Namor's alien gal-pal, Tamara, being mistreated by an Atlantean barbarian, captured by fishermen who think she's a mermaid (which, I s'pose, she technically is), Somehow, she gets turned over to the United Nations who ask Thor to guard her...and the fight begins. Yeah, it's a convoluted plot, the art isn't very pretty (though I do like the attempts at an Everett-style Subby), but Gerber, as usual, turns in some very nice dialogue bits here and there...and man, isn't that Jim Starlin/Bill Everett (with Marie Severin alterations according to the GCD) cover far-freakin'-out?


  1. For me, one unusual thing about this story is that it is one the few comics I bought back in the day that I had no recollection of. Had I not found my copy was going through a period re-sorting of books and such, I would have sworn that I'd never seen this issue! Thanks for re-refeshing my memory.

  2. The artwork is all over the place in this one. Some of the panels of Namor and Namorita (especially pages 14 and 15) are very effective Everett style drawings, others are as you said, not too great.



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