Friday, December 20, 2013

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics, December 1972

Happy ho, ho, ho to you, Groove-ophiles! For some reason, last December Ol' Groove shared the groovy covers from Marvel's December 1972 crop of classic comics, so now I feel like it's time to share the stupendous splashes from those self-same exhibitions of excellence. Think that's a good idea?

Yeah, I thought you would!


  1. All of these press my nostalgia buttons, certainly...but the splash page of Daredevil 97 is just amazing. That page would work every bit as well 41 years later and not look the slightest bit dated.

  2. I missed that issue of The Avengers somehow and it was years before I got to see that splash featuring Hawkeye in that rather humdrum outfit. This splash looks as good as it ever got, proving that Don Heck was a most talented man indeed.

    Rip Off

  3. Wow -- there are some seriously heavy hitters in the art department in this post!

    What would a solo Beast series have been like a few years hence, drawn by George Perez?


  4. Jim Starlin drew three and a half books that month! That must be a record for him. What a bounty!

  5. These young hot shots today can't even keep up with one book a month. In fact, one of the few series I buy has 2 regular writers and 3 artists, and it still ends up being late by a week or 2 almost every month.



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