Friday, December 6, 2013

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Ed Hannigan's Early Marvels

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Way back when I had a second blog, Blinded Me With Comics, one of the most rewarding moments was when I did a post on the 80s cover innovations of Ed Hannigan (which you can read here if ya wanna). Ed was kind enough to thank me for the post via e-mail; made my day to put it mildly. Well, Ol' Groove thinks it's about time to look at the early days of Energetic Ed's comicbook cover output. Bet ya didn't realize how many Groovy Age Marvel Comics you had with Ed Hannigan covers, did'ja? Of course this isn't all of 'em, just a handful of faves, but something tells me you might have a bunch'a these yourself...


  1. One of my favorite Hannigan covers is Strange Tales #185. The Mindless Ones were especially menacing. I just discovered this cover a couple of years ago. Some of the reprint series in the mid 70s had great new covers that were forgotten over the years. He did several when Strange Tales went back to reprinting Ditko Dr Strange stories.

  2. I think what draws people into comic are the covers themselves. I can remember picking up the Astonishing Tales with Deathlok at a second hand store here in Texas simply because that cover said so much. And also Deathlok was a pretty cool character back in the day, still have my set of those Astonishing Tales.

    And though not my favorite artist of all time with Mr.Ed Hannigan you can see by many of his covers just like all the greats that his covers tell a story unto themselves.

    Shane G.

  3. That Deathlok cover was inked by Berni Wrightson.

  4. Always loved those odd characters. Like Omega the Unknown, the 3-D Man, Moonknight, Wonderman, Wood God, Deathlok, Plastic Man, the Creeper, the Metal Men, Man-Bat, Ragman, Machine Man, etc. The Omega cover was inked by my good friend Jolt'in Joe Sinnott.

  5. Bet you didn't know SNL/ NBC late night host Jimmy Fallon. Was Jolt'in Joe Sinnott's neighbor as a kid & a old family friend.



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