Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: Marvel Merchandising M-Ad-Ness B&W Style

Season's Greetings, Groove-ophiles! It's that time when kids are into near-insanity wondering what they're gonna get as presents for the holidays. When Ol' Groove was a young'un, if I'd have been brave enough (and rich enough), I would have torn these magnificent Marvel Merchandise ads out of my b&w mags and scattered them all over the house! Which of these incredible items would have wound up on your Christmas wish-list, Groove-ophile? I had the Hulk T-shirt, the Spidey and Hulk models, the Spidey Mego action figure, and the Spidey silly string. How bout you? Share out, baby!

Note: All of these ads came from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, circa 1974-75!


  1. Both my brother and I had those Spider-man and Captain America T-shirts ( I can't remember which one of us had which) back in the mid 70-s. Then our ma went and threw 'em in the dryer and then they shrunk up to the size of dishrags, which, actually, they ended up being.
    I'm weeping as I'm writing this.
    They were great T-shirts!

  2. I remember the shirts too. The same thing happened. They became rags after you washed them. That and the print faded too. It was one of those Marvel Rip offs that have become legendary. The biggest rip off was the subscriptions. Each month my comics would come in the mail. Folded in half! I bought them at the news stand after that!

  3. I had better experience in the early '80s, when I had a few subscriptions to Marvel. Mine did get mailed flat (like that ad says) so maybe some improvements were made.
    It was pretty cool, actually, because I had this paper route, delivering the local shitty newspaper, and I had to pick the papers up at the local Podunk post-office.
    I always checked the mail before going on my rounds, because, hey! This might be comic book day!
    Ah, youth.

  4. I woulda given anything back in the day to have both the 3 dimensional Spidey and Hulk figures!

    Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. I still have my Spiderman model kit. And the reissues from a few years back. One correction tho: The add is for Spiderman Crazy Foam (think shaving cream) instead of Silly String. Bobby



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