Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Smiley!

Saturday was Stan "The Man" Lee's 91st birthday, and like Ol' Groove is wont to do every year, I've gotta say, "Happy Birthday, Smiley!" and thanks for working with the bashful Bullpen to create the Marvel Universe!

The years and memories of joy from what you and the gang did back in the 60s and 70s will ne'er be forgotten here. And thanks, too, for some of the most far-out Christmases when I was in Junior High! Young Groove didn't need Santa when he had Stan providing the grooviest, ginchiest gifts of all--Origins of Marvel Comics, Son of Origins of Marvel Comics, Bring on the Bad Guys, and The Superhero Women! Hoo-hah! Did those books inspire yers trooly to want to become comicbook historian (amateur,yes,  but still...)? Did those books inspire many of the things Ol' Groove does here on the Diversions? You bet your sweet bippy!

We love ya, Stan!!

(Oh, and thank you Jazzy John Romita for being such an in-freakin'-credible cover artist!!)


  1. Wishes for a happy birthday to Stan Lee!
    Boy, when I was a kid back in the 70's, I would've loved to get my greasy little paws on those tomes shown above. Particularly, "Bring on the Bad Guys."
    I felt then that I had wonderful potential for being a super-villain, I certainly had many of the traits required, and I wanted to read the manual!
    However, I ended up getting older and making a different career choice.
    Still, some days...

  2. Well said, sir. Indeed, happy birthday Stan Lee. He da man!

  3. As a kid I wanted all of the above comics but never managed to pick up any of them. The Bring On The Bad Guys drawing is one my favorites. It is my computer background at work. If I ever come across that drawing at a con or online it will be coming home with me.

  4. Stan was and still is the Man! Hope he has many more birthdays!

    Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.



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