Monday, September 15, 2014

Random Reads: "Freedom Never Dies" by Englehart, Vosburg, and Colletta

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here comes "Freedom Never Dies" from Starfire #7 (May 1977). This would be the final ish of writer Steve Englehart's two-part fill-in, as well as editor Jack C. Harris' final ish as editor, so lots and lots of plots and subplots and mysteries are tied up in this ish, leaving room for incoming editor Denny O'Neil and incoming writer Tom DeFalco to take Starfire and company in whatever direction they wished. How did that turn out? We'll find out in the near future, baby. For now, dig on "Freedom Never Dies"!


  1. Oh, man, I'm stuck at home today with one of the worst colds I've had in recent memory, so your post today is much appreciated - nothing more restful to the eye that Vosburg's lovingly rendered women.
    Also, your comment about Englehart being a "fill-in writer" brought a smile to my face. Wasn't pretty much every writer on Starfire a fill-in?

    1. Very true, but for some reason, editorial was very vocal about the Stainless One's stories being fillers. Maybe they didn't want to get everyone's hopes up? :D

  2. DC's talent pool at the time was considered rather moribund, so when they "got" Englehart after he left Marvel, it was considered a real coup. Too, they almost got John Buscema. In any case, they advertised Englehart's presence quite a bit. He was only contracted to do so many stories in a year's time and then he was leaving the world of comic books to travel in Europe and write his first novel, Point Man. So, yeah, they probably didn't want anyone to think that Englehart's Starfire was a permanent thing. Funny how on the "Daily Planet promo page, they advertised #7's story title as "Doesn't Have a Title Yet!" - Jeff Clem

  3. Fantastic little Sword Babe series, looking forward to the 8th (and sadly, final) installment.



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