Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Groove's Faves: "Eclipse" by Englehart, Rogers, and Colletta

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Has Ol' Groove got a treat for you today! It's the second installment of Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers' Mister Miracle revival from MM #20 (July 1977), "Eclipse"! Not only is this action-packed epic chock-full of wall-to-wall action (courtesy penciler Rogers and inker Vince Colletta), not only is it filled with nifty character bits (courtesy writer Englehart), but it has some of the coolest sound effects ever to grace a comicbook page (courtesy letterer John Workman, no doubt with input from Rogers). Listen up and check it out!


  1. Great post, Groove. I really love these post-Kirby Mr. Miracle stories from the late '70s.

  2. I remember being bummed when I bought this off the rack and saw Colletta's ink credit. The previous issue had inks by Ilya Hunch (9 Crusty Bunkers credited in #20's letter column) and this seemed like a real come-down. BUT - Vinnie's inks actually work well here. Not as good as Ilya Hunch, but pretty nice Colletta. I seemed to remember reading somewhere, perhaps an interview with Rogers, that Colletta as DC's Art Director at the time, really championed Rogers' work to the skeptical higher-ups. So, maybe that's why his inks look better than usual. - Jeff Clem



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