Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Boys from Derby: "Mirror of Yesterday" by Gill and Staton

Have you been checking out all the great new mags by the gang at Charlton Neo? Not only have they gathered some of the old Charlton gang with new talent, but they're producing some of the absolute best comics you can buy right now! Beautiful color mags, available digitally as well, chock full of the kinds of stories we love here in Groove City! Exclusive online comics that will blow your mind on Pix-C! I like to thank Mort and the gang every now and then by reminding Groove-ophiles far and wide of the greatness that was Charlton--and the greatness that continues with Charlton Neo! To prove Ol' Groove's point, here's a far-out fear-fable by Joes Gill and Staton from The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #37 (December 1972) titled, ironically enough for this post, "Mirror of Yesterday"!


  1. Charlton Neo has been my brightest light amongst the dreck that Is being shovelled out by the big two.

  2. I loved Joe Staton's Charlton output. It had a distinctivness that was never duplicated in his Marvel and DC work. He and Cuti's 10 issue run of E-Man was one of the all-time greats in comics.



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