Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Groovy Age Gold: "The Count That Never Ended!" by Kanigher and Kane

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! How 'bout some early Bob Kanigher and Gil Kane on Wildcat? It's a match made in heaven when Wilcat meets The Huntress in "The Count That Never Ended!" This one originally appeared in Sensation Comics #71 (November 1947), but we got to read it in 100-Page Super Spectacular #DC-20 (June 1973). Check it out!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Groove. As a big fan of Kane's work, I'm just fascinated by how much his style has evolved over the years. If you didn't tell me, I don't think I ever would have guessed that he did the art in this story.

  2. And yet, once you've been told, you say: Oh yes, look at the face of that guy on the ground in p. 1, the man giving a punch in p. 2, that's Gil Kane.
    To me, this is the groove of spotting early works of great artists. :)

  3. Seriously... the 100-page Speactaculars were a kid's best bang for the money... In theory, adjusting for inflation, one of those should sell for $3.00 today. This true believer would happily buy them by the bucket load at $3.00 each, if DC wants to stert doing them again. I'd gladly trade you a DC Archive today for a 100-page Spectacular with reprints.

  4. Whenever I see early Kane, Infantino or Kubert artwork from this late 40's period, I just marvel at how much they each evolved into their own individual (and wonderful) styles that were very different but seem to have come out of that same "school."



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