Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bring On the Back-ups: "For This Is the New Origin of OMAC!" by Starlin and Rubinstein

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Just like Ol' Groove promised ya last Thursday, here's part two of Jim Starlin's turn at revamping OMAC. "For This Is the New Origin of OMAC!" (inked by Joe Rubinstein) finally appeared in Warlord #37 (June 1980), and man, was Teen Groove thrilled! Starlin was making OMAC his own by giving him new twists to his origin and the Global Peace Agency, plus a new set of far-out threads! Dig it!


  1. I've seen that green alien with the big ears before. I'm pretty sure he was on Thanos' flagship in Avenger's annual 7! Or was he in Captain Marvel? Some Starlin comic.
    That alien sure gets around! Busy guy!


    1. Nah, it wasn't the annual MP - he was the space hermit in Warlock 15.
      Except he was light blue on that occasion (or yellow - and with smaller ears - on the cover)


    2. Yeah, Sean, that's where I saw him!
      ...I knew I saw him somewhere. I was sure he was in Thanos' alien army.


    3. Belated apologies MP - I was just looking at the cover of Avengers annual 7 last night and that alien is clearly there, being punched by Cap. He's a sort of orange colour (the alien, not Cap) but yeah - turns out you were right to be sure he was part of Thanos' army.
      Don't I feel like the eejit now...




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