Friday, February 3, 2017

Making a Splash: Michael Golden Goes Bats, Man!

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Michael Golden's Batman was way beyond awesome, and it's a shame he didn't draw more of the Darknight Detective's adventures. We can give thanks, though, for those he did illustrate (and, yeah, you lucky Groove-ophile, you, they're all here on the Diversions--check 'em out!). Here are the splashes from those gorgeous-o-yet-all-too-rare masterworks...
Batman #295

Batman Family #18

Batman Family #19

Batman Family #20

Batman #303

DC Special Series #15


  1. You missed the Batman Specia; with the Wraith by Mike W. Barr and partial inks by Mike DeCarlo

    1. That one was post-Groovy Age, but perhaps I should have bent my own rules and added it...

    2. Bat Mite's New York Adventure was in the 70s though:), no splash page I guess...


    3. Bat-Mite will be included in a future post with Man-Bat and The Demon. Don't wanna fire all my guns at once... ;D

  2. Great images and a cool post...!!

  3. I forgot how great these were! Now I need to dig thru my collection to find these!

  4. Yes, great images. And great examples of how vital and unique the inking process is to a image.

    1. Very true. Golden's are is so strong you can see it no matter who inks him, but the sheen and textures are very different inker to inker.



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