Monday, February 6, 2017

Marvel-ous Mondays: "Dejah Thoris Lives!" by Wolfman, Kane, and Sutton

What's shakin', Groove-ophiles! Today we're back with another chapter of Marv Wofman and Gil Kane's "Air Pirates of Mars" epic! For "Dejah Thoris Lives!" our powerhouse pair was joined by inker Tom Sutton, who happens to be one of Ol' Groove's fave Charlton artists as well as one of the top five (imho) Gil Kane inkers of the Groovy Age. The mostly misleading cover was inked by Rudy Nebres, btw, but it's such a cool image I can't blame Marvel for using it, even though it makes it look as if John Carter is rescuing Dejah Thoris, when she'd actually extracted her own lovely self from captivity and JC just helped her with the clean-up in the story's last couple'a pages (he had actually spent almost the entirety of ish --#7, September 1977--in a sick-bed). Wanna see the Princess of Barsoom in action? Then, let's goooooo....

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  1. Yeah, I like Tom Sutton's inks on Gil Kane too, Groove - he added a pleasingly feverish atmosphere to, say, those early Giant-Size Conan's they did together.
    Don't see too much of that here though, which makes me wonder if this issue was a bit of a rush job. Nothing wrong with it of course, its just Sutton's particular virtues as an inker don't seem to shine as much as usual.

    Still an enjoyable read though - thanks for posting.




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